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Tutoring Appointments

Online appointments will be host through Microsoft Teams.  As an EKU student you do have access to Teams.  Instructions are found below.

Keep in mind you don't need an appointment unless you want one on one help or online tutoring.  These are limited and if there are none available feel free to contact us so we will know that we might need to adjust the availability.  By default the appointments are 30 minutes.  If you need more time you can schedule multiple time slots.  If you are getting a CEC consultation make sure you have enough time to complete it.  We would suggest if you have missed more than 10 questions on the diagnostic quiz that you schedule an hour with the same tutor.

If you would like instructions with screen shots they are attached at the bottom

Video instructions:

To schedule an appointment with the Mathematics and Statistics Tutoring Center

1)      Go to

2)      Click on Math/Stats Tutoring

3)      In the “Select a Subject” drop down box choose your class then click “search”.

4)      A list of tutors will then populate.  Find the tutor you want to schedule with and click on their name.  This will take you to another page with a calendar on the right side.  If the date is green there are available times.

5)      Click on the date you would like to schedule an appointment

6)      A list of available times should then populate, click on the one you want

7)      You will then be taken to the form to fill out to schedule the appointment.  It should be auto-populated with your EKU ID number, name and email address.  Choose your subject and preferred appointment type, either in person or virtual, then submit.


You should get a confirmation email.  You will also receive a reminder email as well. 


There are a few rules we would like you to follow:

1)  You need to bring all class materials including your notes from class.

2)  If you need to cancel please do so at least two hours in advance in advance.

4)  The time limit will be a hard limit and the tutor will end the session.  We can't go over since there may be appointments immediately following that we need to keep.  By default the appointments are 30 minutes but if you need more time you can schedule back to back time slots.

5)  ALL appointments are in Eastern Standard Time by default.

You will find the actual availability when scheduling;

Microsoft Teams

Instructions on how to downlad and access Teams can be found at

How to join a meeting in Teams


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