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Welcome to the Mathematics and Statistics Tutoring Center homepage!  Within this site you can find several helpful pages on how to deal with math anxiety, test anxiety, developing study plans, finding out your learning style and the all-important practice tests!  Please explore the links in the menu on the left side of the page for more information.

All tutoring will be by appointment only.  Students will be able to make appointments on short notice as long as there are some available.  Students should be directed to to make the appointments. Click on the links in the menu at the top the left for detailed instructions

We will have limited in person tutoring available.  Only 6 students at a time will be allowed in.  Appointments will be for 30 minutes by default, so if you need longer then you will need to make multiple appointments back to back.  Please limit these to one hour per day.

If you drop in for help that is OK as long as we have room.  You can make the “appointment” on the fly.  If you drop in you may be asked to leave if all the next time slots are already taken. For example if you drops in at 2:30 and at 3:00 all the appointment times have been taken you will need to leave at 3:00 to make room for those who have the appointments.  Tutors will inform you of this at the time they come in.  So it is a good idea to let them know they should plan in advance if possible.

We provide free tutoring for the following courses:   If your particular course is not listed please contact us.  In general we can provide a tutor for virtually all the undergraduate math courses, but there will be limited availability.

       General Studies/Service        Education        Statistics
       MAT 105/105P      MAT 122        MAE 201        STA 215
       MAT 106/106P      MAT 211        MAE 202        STA 270
       MAT 112A, AP, B & BP      MAT 234         MAE 302  
      MAT 114      MAT 239    
       MAT 120      MAT 244    

We are open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am - 8:00 pm and Friday from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.  To find out when specific tutors are available look at the schedule page.  On the schedule page you can also find out when tutors for Calculus, Statistics, Education and other specialty areas are available.

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