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One on One tutoring

We have finaly gotten the new scheduling system up and running!  Well there is an issue if you are trying to schedule an apopitnment for MAT 114, but the rest is good.   Here is the schedule for the available times and tutors so you will have some idea of what is available before trying to schedule.

Fall 2017







Aaron Keeton

Claire Crouch

Dalton Hopper

Sarah Wilhoite

Marvin Wilson


Lexie Lynch

Jan Moffett

Caleb Garascia

Claire Crouch

Caleb Garascia


Brianna Cunningham

Emily McCord

Elaine Gore

James Herren

McCartney, Brendan


Brianna Cunningham

Kyrsten Spencer *

Joseph Holbrook

Derek Diaz



Justin Bowman

Amber Bettis

Kendall Bisig*


Derek Diaz



Ken Acree

Josh Weldon

Madison Lipscomb

Jan Moffett


Renee Richburg

Ciara Sandefur

Destinee Fisher

Ciara Sandefur




Brianna Cunningham

Shasta Bryant

Jacob Riley*



Ethen Holzapfel

Ella Jackson

Hong Li

Conner Kelley



Marvin Wilson

Kendall Bisig

Shasta Bryant

Josh Weldon



Marvin Wilson

Kendall Bisig

Shasta Bryant

Josh Weldon



During Spring and fall Semesters we offer one on one tutoring by appointment!  If you would like to take advantage of this you will need to set up an account with Accucampus if you have not already done so.  To set up your account do the following:


1) Go to

2) Click forgot password

3) Account type is institutional, the domain is eku and use your school email address.

4) Follow instructions in your email


Once that is done (and you only have to do it the first time) then go to

1) Log in (if it asks for the domain it is eku) and close the pop up window

2) In menu on the left hand side go to "appointments" and click "make appointment".

3) Search by location and type in "math" and math and statistics tutoring center should pop up to click on.

4) In the "service" box click on the magnifying glass and choose "math tutoring"

5) In the "event" box click on the magnifying class and choose your course

6) Click on search and then pick a tutor

7) Click on the time that fits your scheudle

8) Set the duration (max 60 minutes at a time)

9) Click Save


There are a few rules we would like you to follow:

1)  You need to bring all class materials including your notes from class.

2)  We are going to limit you to two hours per week of one on one time.

3)  If you need to cancel please do so at least one day in advance in advance.

4)  If you miss 2 appointments without cancelling you will not be able to make any more until you speak to Dr. Clift in person (office is in Wallace 304).

You will find the actual availablility when scheduling;





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